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Miragi AR Wall Art - Bethesda Fountain

Miragi AR Wall Art - Bethesda Fountain

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Bethesda Fountain is an iconic landmark located in New York City's Central Park. It was created by American artist Emma Stebbins in 1873 and is often seen as a symbol of hope, peace, and well-being. Benji’s delightful piece of illustrated has been enhanced by augmented reality (AR), which can be experienced through our Instagram filter. Watch the fountain come alive as it plays music and features a gorgeous illustration fused with its surroundings!


    *Frame is not included.
    Framing service is available upon request. 

    User Manual

    - Scan the QR code provided on the back of the card for the AR experience

    - Turn your sound on and aim the camera at the front of the card for the full effect

    Paper Specifications

    - 140lb Watercolor Paper
    - Acid-Free with Coldpress Texture
    - 9” x 12” Poster
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