13 Epic Father's Day Card Greeting Ideas: Why You Should Spoil Dad on Father’s Day (Despite All the Dad Jokes)

If you have a guy in your life who does any of the following:

  • Falls asleep on the sofa
  • Has never heard of the celebrities you like
  • Watches TV with his eyes closed
  • Has never said “Proud of you”
  • Sneezes loud enough to wake God
  • Has mildly awkward physical affection
  • Cannot find his glasses while wearing his glasses


Congratulations! You have a father, and Dad would argue that if Mom got a day, he should too! So here are 13 funny reasons why Dad deserves a beautiful Father’s Day card along with his gift this year. Don't forget to write heartfelt messages in your Father's Day cards to show your appreciation for all the unique things he does!

Dads have the best dad jokes for Father's Day.

We know. Quite the controversial take, but as lovers of a good joke, sometimes a dad joke really hits. Over the years, dads have mastered the art of telling a good dad joke, and we’ve got to respect that even if they make you groan louder than a faulty lawnmower.

Including funny Father's Day messages in your card can be a great way to add humor and make the day even more special.

Dads are the best at bbq. 

We don’t know any dads who don’t work the grill every summer like it’s their second profession. Somehow they have an unmatched talent for grilling burgers to perfection and we’ve never had to suffer through the heat of the grill on a hot summer day thanks to that. Make sure to acknowledge their efforts and give them a great Father's Day by writing heartfelt messages to express your appreciation.

Dads Vs. Who Gets the Remote

He's the reigning champion of remote control warfare, bravely battling for TV supremacy. He’s never lost a battle, except for Mom, who is always the exception. 

Dads can sleep anywhere.

This reason alone is enough to award the man a heartfelt Father's Day card. Dads have an uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere, anytime, turning every couch into a makeshift nap station.

Dads are Mr. Fixer Upper, the amazing dad.

You’ve heard of the landlord special, but have you seen a dad work on a home project? Dads are DIY experts, even if their "fixes" often require a professional to undo them. He’s trying, what can you do? 

Dads and their dad hats. 

Gotta love a dad for their impressive collection of "dad hats," each one a testament to his commitment to fashion… or lack thereof. Someone needs to throw those away for them and if it takes a (strongly worded) Father’s Day card to wake them up, they need one…

Dads have unique uh…moves

Don’t know why, but is it just our dads who bust out unique, to put it nicely, dance moves on the dance floor? Dads are the ultimate kings of dad dances, busting out moves that defy both logic and rhythm.

Dads tell the best stories. 

Father figure lore is real and they always have the best stories to tell from when they were younger. For his legendary bedtime storytelling skills, turning even the most mundane tales into epic adventures.

Dads have no fear of insects. 

We can all collectively agree that insects are not our friends. Dads are the ultimate protectors, bravely battling spiders and other creepy crawlies on your behalf. We scream and they’re there. 

Dads have infinite wisdom.

There’s rarely a moment where dads are stunned. They are masters of dad wisdom, offering pearls of advice that are equal parts profound and puzzling.

Father’s Day messages can highlight their wisdom.

Dads and their “dadisms.”

For anyone who does know, “dadisms” are dad idioms, that we’re pretty sure make up most of the Kungfu Panda script. For his endless supply of "dadisms," those timeless phrases that never fail to make you roll your eyes, dads deserve that Father’s Day card.

Dads and ability to embarrass us. 

For his unparalleled talent at embarrassing you in front of your friends, a skill honed over years of practice. 

Dads and their love for us as a father figure.

An amazing dad loves with all their heart. Dads deserve a card just for their unconditional love, their goofy antics, and their unwavering presence in your life, making every day feel like Father’s Day. Happy Father's Day!

Yes, we know all dads are not made the same. But for anyone who can relate to any of the 13 reasons, we know that person is a silent supporter, has unwavering faith, and will always cheer you on from the sidelines of life’s rollercoaster, who deserves a beautiful card from you this Father’s Day. When you write in a Father's Day card, consider expressing heartfelt sentiments, sharing specific memories, and conveying your gratitude and love.