Hello Friend!

I've always had a creative eye, an entrepreneurial spirit - and it was sometimes between my morning walk down Dekalb Avenue and mid-morning nap, that the idea came to me...

Playful. Curious. Exquisite.

Benji’s of Brooklyn is a maker of fine stationery and lifestyle products - an exquisite curation of necessary objects for a stylish life. Our premium luxury stationery gifts are perfect for any occasion. Or create custom postcards for your loved ones with your personalized design.

Small gestures to surprise and delight, inspire an air of whimsy, and crack a smile across your face. From the first sketch to the final press, every detail is considered. A sterling standard of quality, met with a wink.

So, from my humble brownstone to wherever you are in this world, may you find the message I'm sending; one of joy, imagination and optimism.

All the Best,
Founder and CEO